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Chris Brown Throws Shade At Cardi B For Breaking Another Music Record | TMX

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7 thoughts on “Chris Brown Throws Shade At Cardi B For Breaking Another Music Record | TMX

  1. A lot of y’all really do need hooked on phonics. It’s almost sad how the school system has failed when it comes to teaching people how to read, and then comprehend what it is that they are reading. I mean, no shade BUT SHADE!

    No matter how you attempt to slice it, Chris is just like many of you, reacting before completely comprehending what it is your mind just took in.

    History says Cardi B has become the THIRD artist besides Ashanti AND the Beatles to have her FIRST THREE “chart entries” to crack the top 5/10.

    Some of you are mad but you can’t erase facts! Featured song, or not Cardi gets the credit because she is on the song. The same way any artist who is featured on a song would. They receive the credit on the chart and they receive any award the song wins.

    Instead of throwing salt, salute her. She’s the first female rapper in 20 years to get a #1 song.

    Her second single Bartier Carti is currently in the top 15. Stop hating!

    Plus When’s the last time Chris even cracked the top 5 on a billboard Chart? 2008? (Foreva).

    He should do less shading, and stop making the same song over and over, and maybe his career will stop being dormant.

    1. Girl, I see you in the comments responding and people STILL can’t comprehend lol.. I don’t even like Cardi B, nor do I care for her music BUT if she set a record the bish set a record! People are so mad, but facts are facts. I wouldn’t even call what she’s doing real hip hop nor would I buy her album…but numbers don’t lie and she’s climbing charts! People don’t get the music industry as far as features, writing credits, etc. She can do a million features and if any of those songs go platinum or break records that means she does the same. Just like many of people’s favorites songs were written by people other than the artists, they’re somewhere living their best life and we don’t even know what they look like. They just cash the checks and continue writing. The music industry is a business.

  2. They all hate her success because she got to the top being herself whereas they all had to be fake as hell to get famous 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ no shade all facts.

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