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13 CONTROVERSIAL Kardashian-Jenner Moments of 2017

More Celebrity News ►► Most people love to hate the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and in 2017, there was no shortage of hate for the family due to massive amounts of controversy. The reality TV fam isn't new to scandal but it seemed like the crew couldn't catch a break this year,

13 Iconic Emma Watson Style Moments

More Celebrity News ►► If there’s such a thing as perfection, Emma Watson would be exactly that. The actress’ latest flick Beauty and the Beast recently hit theaters and had the 7th highest opening EVER, so it’s only natural that we look back at her most iconic style moments to

5 Undeniable Celeb Bromances

More Celebrity News ►► Girl squads are great and all, but there really is nothing like a solid bromance. And some celebrity bromances are so strong that they’re basically shouting their love from the rooftops, so right now let’s take a look at 5 undeniable bromances we’ll never get over,

6 Singers’ LIVE Vocals That Will BLOW You Away

More Celebrity News ►► In a world where pretty much anyone can get a #1 hit with the help of some Auto-Tune, it can be a little tricky knowing who has it and who doesn’t. But when it comes to live vocals? Well, those mic feeds don’t lie, so right

5 Times Rihanna Threw Major Shade On Social Media

More Celebrity News ►► We didn’t forget! We’ve got 5 times Rihanna threw major shade on social media right now on LISTED. 1- MTV 2- Ciara 3- Amanda Bynes 4- Azealia Banks/ Trump 5- Celebuzz BONUS: ClevverMusic For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are

13 ADORABLE Pet Videos To Help You Unwind

More Celebrity News ►► In need of a quick pick me up after a long a stressful workweek? Look no further because we're breaking down 13 of the most adorable pet videos that's sure to give you life. For More Clevver Visit: Keep up with us on Instagram: Like us on

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Shawn Mendes

More Celebrity News ►► Shawn Mendes, please have MERCY on our souls! He swept our hearts away on Vine and has since become a world-wide phenomenon/serious dream boat, but believe it or not, there’s still a whole lot more to Shawn than meets the eye, so right now we’re bringing

7 Things You DIDN’T Know About Chance The Rapper

Everybody could use a boost of luck from time to time. When in doubt, why risk it? Learn more at More Celebrity News ►► Chance the Rapper is a name that you’ve probably been hearing a lot of lately, but in the past year alone, he’s proven himself to

16 Dating Situations Anxious People Dread

More Celebrity News ►► Anxiety makes a lot of day-to-day things extra difficult. Answering phone calls, interacting with other humans — lots of basic life tasks are a nightmare if you suffer from anxiety. And if you take all of those little things that cause anxiety and add them together,

15 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

More Celebrity News ►► Getting over a breakup can be difficult. But it's not impossible, so here's 15 ways to help heal that broken heart. For More Clevver Visit: Like us on Facebook: Keep up with us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Website: Add us to your circles on Google+: